Creating Custom UITableViewCell With Xib Swift

This tutorial will look at how to setup a custom UITableViewCell class with an accompanying XIB (Interface Builder file). It will assume that you have a basic working knowledge of table views. So we’ll begin from having one set up. This will be the starting point for our ViewController class:

Here we have a […]

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Email Process

This semester, as a way to improve my productivity, I’ll be experimenting with my email habits. As of Monday 29th January 2018, I will only be checking, and processing email periodically. Three times a week to be precise. Why? I get a lot of email. I also have a lot to do. Most of my […]

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2018 Charity Challenge

Last year I set a 12,000k cycling target and this year I’m embarking on my “100 Days Of Tri” challenge. This is all good fun (or not), it keeps me fit and healthy, but they’re obviously inwardly focused. So along with my 100 Days Of Tri this year, I’m setting another, more intrinsically motivated challenge. […]

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