SnapKit is Awesome!

Recently, I posted that I had stopped using storyboards in projects I’ve started. This feels a daunting prospect when you’re used to relying on storyboards. However, building views programatically it isn’t as bad as it first seems. This is especially true if you use a library to abstract the native Auto Layout API’s provided by […]

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No More Storyboards In Xcode

Recently, in an effort to better understand layout code in iOS, I decided to ditch Storyboards in Xcode for a new project. Boy am I glad I did! First, Credit to Storyboards Before I throw them under the bus, Storyboards deserve some credit. They make putting together a simple layout and application flow very quick […]

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Creating Custom UITableViewCell With Xib Swift

This tutorial will look at how to setup a custom UITableViewCell class with an accompanying XIB (Interface Builder file). It will assume that you have a basic working knowledge of table views. So we’ll begin from having one set up. This will be the starting point for our ViewController class:

Here we have a […]

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