100 Days Of Tri

After completing last years challenge of cycling 12,000 kilometres…I’ve decided I’d like to ruin 2018 as well. This years challenge will be triathlon focused…100 days of it!

This Years Challenge

In an attempt to mix things up a bit, I’ve decided to turn my attention to Tri. The aim is to complete 100 triathlons in the year. These triathlons will be self governed (as in not official events). The requirement is that I have to complete a swim, run and cycle in a calendar day. They can be in any order, but I am setting a required minimum distance for each:

🏊 1k – πŸƒ 5k – 🚴 30k


Until I find a better solution, I’ll be tracking my progress here:

I suffered massively from fatigue last year, and averaging a triathlon every 3 days I’m sure will take its toll.Β I thinkΒ this will be easier than last years challenge, but time will tell.