Creating Custom UITableViewCell With Xib Swift

This tutorial will look at how to setup a custom UITableViewCell class with an accompanying XIB (Interface Builder file). It will assume that you have a basic working knowledge of table views. So we’ll begin from having one set up. This will be the starting point for our ViewController class:

Here we have a […]

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Firebase GeoFire with Swift Tutorial

This tutorial assumes that you have a Firebase project set up and ready to go and are looking to incorporate GeoFire into it. There is a guide on getting started with Firebase, references to these two posts: Installing Firebase With Cocoapods Setting Up an iOS Firebase Project Installing with CocoaPods Add the GeoFire library to […]

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Connecting CakePHP 3 To A Database

This quick guide will continue from this setup tutorial, and show you the simple edit you need to make to your CakePHP ‘config.php’ file to connect to you’re database. This of course will work with any mysql setup, but since we setup our installation on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu server using the PHPMyAdmin one click […]

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