Creating Custom UITableViewCell With Xib Swift

This tutorial will look at how to setup a custom UITableViewCell class with an accompanying XIB (Interface Builder file). It will assume that you have a basic working knowledge of table views. So we’ll begin from having one set up. This will be the starting point for our ViewController class:

Here we have a […]

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Firebase GeoFire with Swift Tutorial

This tutorial assumes that you have a Firebase project set up and ready to go and are looking to incorporate GeoFire into it. There is a guide on getting started with Firebase, references to these two posts: Installing Firebase With Cocoapods Setting Up an iOS Firebase Project Installing with CocoaPods Add the GeoFire library to […]

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Installing Firebase with CocoaPods

Installing Firebase with CocoaPods is much like installing any other pod. First you’ll need a Podfile. If you’re integrating Firebase into a project that already uses libraries from CocoaPods, obviously you can use the existing file. Fire up a new terminal window and navigate to the folder where your project is located. Mine is on […]

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