Installing Firebase with CocoaPods

Installing Firebase with CocoaPods is much like installing any other pod. First you’ll need a Podfile. If you’re integrating Firebase into a project that already uses libraries from CocoaPods, obviously you can use the existing file. Fire up a new terminal window and navigate to the folder where your project is located. Mine is on […]

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Media Events jQuery

A common thing to want to do is respond to the state of some media (audio of video) playing on your page. You can “hook” into a number of events on the media object, like when the video is playing, when it is paused, even find out the current time of the video. However, we’ll […]

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Installing Composer On Digital Ocean Ubuntu 14.04

Summary How to install composer on a new droplet running Ubuntu 14.04. Installing composer on a Digital Ocean droplet is a pretty straight forward process and only needs a few commands. Log in to your droplet. First, update you package manager:

Install cURL:

You’ll be asked if you want to use the extra […]

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