Email Process

This semester, as a way to improve my productivity, I’ll be experimenting with my email habits. As of Monday 29th January 2018, I will only be checking, and processing email periodically. Three times a week to be precise.


I get a lot of email. I also have a lot to do. Most of my work is relatively complex in nature and requires at least a moderate level of concentration. For the most part, processing and responding to email does not. Also, a lot of the email I receive could be sorted more concisely and comprehensively with vocal chords. Something, for some reason we are becoming less willing to do.


The following outlines the guidelines on how I’ll be processing and responding to email this semester.

I will be responding to email periodically three times a week.

  • Monday afternoon.
  • Wednesday afternoon.
  • Friday afternoon.

If you get a response outside these times…well lucky you.

This means that an email received on Monday late evening, is unlikely to be seen, processed and (if necessary) responded to until Wednesday afternoon. This does not mean I cannot be reached.Β If something is important then you can absolutely find me in my office, or pick up the phone.

It’s important to understand that this is notΒ an effort to become less contactable, mearly an effort to become more efficient.

We shall see how it goes.