Log in To Digital Ocean Droplet Ubuntu 14.04


  • How to log in and change the default password of a new droplet running Ubuntu 14.04.
  • Finding the default MYSQL password.

You will have been emailed your droplet details, most importantly a password (which you will need to change in a moment), so have this email open.

Open a new terminal window and log in to your droplet:

You will be asked if you want to continue, type ‘yes’ and hit enter.

On your first log in you will be required to change the default password emailed to you. First, enter the default password:

Then your new password twice:

Note: These are secure fields, so it won’t look like you’re typing anything. 

If you scroll up slightly, you should be able to find you MYSQL password output somewhere in the text, take note of this:

You should be able to go to your droplet IP in a browser and see the default apache page.

You should be able to go to http://YOUR_DROPLET_IP/phpmyadmin and see the familiar looking phpMyAdmin login screen. You can log in with the username of ‘root’ and the password you took note of in the above step.

Login With FileZilla

You should now be able to login with an FTP program as well. The host is the droplet IP, prefixed with ‘sftp://’ username and password are the same as above (with whatever password you set up).

By default, you should be taken to a folder called ‘root’. Come out of this folder by clicking the top icon in the directory (the two dots). The public directory is the /var/www/html folder. In there you’ll see the default apache html file and an info php file. Feel free to delete both of this if you want. This is the folder where you should upload you website files.