Installing Firebase with CocoaPods

Installing Firebase with CocoaPods is much like installing any other pod. First you’ll need a Podfile. If you’re integrating Firebase into a project that already uses libraries from CocoaPods, obviously you can use the existing file. Fire up a new terminal window and navigate to the folder where your project is located. Mine is on […]

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Why Students Should Blog

Reflection In all aspects of life (especially as student), we are constantly absorbing information, sometimes not even consciously. But how often do we actually take the time to make sense of this bombardment of information and put the pieces together? The linking of ideas and bridging of concepts is fundamental to our creativity and exploration […]

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Deep Work

All students should read this book! Deep Work by Cal Newport Human beings it seems; are at their best when involved in something challenging. Please consider reading/listening to this book. Modern society has enforced so many distractions on us, that our ability to actually perform cognitively difficult tasks has been completely overridden. Deep Work, highlights […]

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Media Events jQuery

A common thing to want to do is respond to the state of some media (audio of video) playing on your page. You can “hook” into a number of events on the media object, like when the video is playing, when it is paused, even find out the current time of the video. However, we’ll […]

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jQuery Scroll Event

The jQuery scroll event works just the .click() event, the main difference is that we usually want to bind it to the whole document (the webpage) rather than a specific div or img tag. So the event declaration will look like this:

Note: This should be within the document ready function. In this function, […]

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jQuery Change Image

Changing an image in jQuery is pretty straight forward. First of all, you need an image to change. This is just a usual html image in your page with an id on it:

We know that the image being displayed comes from the “src” attribute of the image tag, so this is what we […]

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jQuery Intro

In your scripts file, you should always start with the following:

This makes sure your page is fully loaded before any further interaction takes place. Selectors Selectors are how you select what element on your page that you want to “interact” with (element referring to the part of you HTML, an image for example). […]

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