jQuery Change Image

Changing an image in jQuery is pretty straight forward. First of all, you need an image to change. This is just a usual html image in your page with an id on it:

We know that the image being displayed comes from the “src” attribute of the image tag, so this is what we […]

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jQuery Intro

In your scripts file, you should always start with the following:

This makes sure your page is fully loaded before any further interaction takes place. Selectors Selectors are how you select what element on your page that you want to “interact” with (element referring to the part of you HTML, an image for example). […]

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Cake API Setup

Installing CRUD plugin

Setup some database tables. Update the config/app.php file with your database details. Generate the database files with the bake command

Hash User Passwords

Update App Controller

Update Users Controller

Add Login Template File

Update Routes

Create Api Controller

Create […]

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Installing Composer On Digital Ocean Ubuntu 14.04

Summary How to install composer on a new droplet running Ubuntu 14.04. Installing composer on a Digital Ocean droplet is a pretty straight forward process and only needs a few commands. Log in to your droplet. First, update you package manager:

Install cURL:

You’ll be asked if you want to use the extra […]

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Code Guidelines

This is a general guide on how you can improve the code you write. Its main aim is to help you structure your code in a way that makes it easier for me to help you. 1.ย Use Correct Formatting If there is one rule you follow, please let it be this. Correctly indent your code! […]

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