Put Yourself In Nature

In what is likely to be one of the most hippy things to make its way to my blog…the title of this post is supposed to be an almost universal piece of advice to virtually all situations.

From just one ride out in the New Forest recently.

It seems to be something that’s becoming more and more forgotten. It’s something that I struggle to understand how people can live without. Throughout the existence of our species, it’s continuously been nature that has fascinated us. Nature has inspired us, provoked us, questioned and in many cases provided answers for things.

The course we’re taking as a species seems to be allowing people to withdraw more and more from engaging with nature. Preferring to view it through a screen, than interact with it up close, before inevitably being distracted by technology fighting for our attention. I’m fortunate, I have access to some wonderful environments not too far from home. A spectacular coastline and a beautiful forest. It’s hard to say how not having this would affect me, but I feel confident that not being able to place myself in nature would have a substantial negative impact on all aspects of my life. Everything would suffer, from work to communication and the full spectrum of relationships in my day to day life. If I go too long without it (a week), I can feel myself getting stressed and restless.

I feel sympathy for those who don’t seek what nature has to offer.

The Science Backs It Up

I haven’t donned some tie-dye robes and braided my hair, luckily the science backs it all up. The numbers on anxiety, mental health, stress, and concentration disorders are alarming. The gulf  in psychological well-being between those who seek out time in nature and those who don’t seem to confirm what the chaps in white coats keep telling us.

For brevity sake, I’ll just grab the headlines, but all are backed with scientific studies.

  • Improved concentration.
  • Improved levels of serotonin.
  • Reduced stress and blood pressure.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Significantly more creative.
  • Reduction in anxiety.

In all honesty, I hope you’re no longer reading this, and have decided to go outside instead.

All the photos in this post are mine. A small sample taken in about a 6 month period.