Why Students Should Blog


In all aspects of life (especially as student), we are constantly absorbing information, sometimes not even consciously. But how often do we actually take the time to make sense of this bombardment of information and put the pieces together? The linking of ideas and bridging of concepts is fundamental to our creativity and exploration of knowledge. Blogging is the opportunity to sit down and make these connections.


Blogging by nature, encourages the recognition of process. It takes a step back from performing a task, handing it off as “complete” and then waiting for feedback without another thought. Blogging is a process in itself, but can help to identify steps in processes that you’ve gone though, some that worked and others the hindered.

Positive Digital Footprint

There are usually two things that will happen when a prospective employer receives your application. It will rapidly make its way to the trash, or your name will make its way into the search box of their web browser.  Blogs are a way to take some control of what happens next. They offer interesting insights into your thought process and that hopefully you have some interesting observations about your chosen area of work. More than that, they can display you as a well rounded interesting person. If you’re involved with interesting projects, tell people.

Create An Open Culture Of Learning

Blogs encourage an open culture of learning and discussion. Many blogs encourage comments, which gives others the opportunity to tell you that you’re wrong. This is absolutely something that you should welcome. Many of our thoughts stay safely locked in our minds and we go forth under the assumption that we’re correct. We need to embrace a culture that encourages peers to tell us that we’re wrong and offer a different perspective on our thinking.